Social Media and Hunting

Well I went out for a little afternoon hunt the other week. I had a spot in mind but a strong wind was at my back, so I had to take the long route to get there. So I thought with the conditions not in my favour I would FaceTime the kids on the way.

As I walked along taking loudly on the phone so the kids could hear me above the wind I heard that distinctive 'thump, thump' sound to my left. I stopped, looked left and saw a deer watching me for a split second before it turned and took off through the trees, across the swamp and into the bush.

A while later I was sitting on my spot (the photo) on the edge of the bush, with the wind in my face watching time tick by quietly with no action.

Knowing I had to meet the boys back at camp soon I headed off. I thought I had a great idea and that I should post that photo on facebook.
I set off, walking along the left edge of the clearing you seen in the photo my phone in one hand and rifle in other. My eyes fixed on the phone I heard that noise for a second time, I look up to see 4 deer steering at me.

With action faster than reaction by the time the phone was away and rifle in the aim there was nothin to see.

After catching up with the boys and trying to explain I had seen five deer all within 50 metres and nothing to show for it, my lesion had been learnt. leave the phone in the truck and forget social media in the bush!