Foxes Down

A couple of weeks back, I got together with a couple of the boys and we headed out to a property we have all hunted before, looking to put some venison in the freezer.

But the weather had different ideas, it turned and the rain came in. While we sat around drinking cups of coffee, telling war stories of previous hunting trips, it wasn’t long before we got onto the subject of gear. This time it was thermals and night vision, as one of the guys had with him a reasonably cheap little thermal monocular he picked up online.

When there was a break in the rain, out it come and we checked out its quality. While doing this we spotted a fox cruising around the back of a mob of sheep not far from camp.

Rob grabbed his SilvaFox Whistle and had its attention straight away. It wasn’t long and we started spotting 3-4 foxes out and about so the decision was made to head out and nail a few ‘foe of the farmer’ as the owner had mentioned they where chasing the sheep.

We grabbed the gear, rifles, Silvafox Whistle and Maxtoch torches jumped on the ute and head out. We where well prepared with several Maxtoch torches ready to go.

The MPRO Archer with Red LED, its little brother the M1 Archer with pressure switch mounted to the .22, and a couple of E3 Red-hat headlamps. Lighting things up wasn’t going to be a problem.

It didn't take us long, moving through the light rain we cruised around the side of a mob of lambs and we started spotting foxes working the edges looking for their next target. Instead they became our target. The MRPO Archer with its Red Osram LED lit them up without spooking* them and the Silvafox Whistle had them coming in for a closer look.

The Silvafox worked a treat pulling them away from the sheep to get a clear shot. Watching through my scope, as they came in on the red light of the MPRO Archer. Once they came into range using the pressure switch on the M1Archer I lit them up, making sure they were clear of the sheep and took that quick shot. Fox down.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It was a good night out made easy with good gear. The Silvafox Whistle was awesome at gaining the attention for the foxes straight away, and drawing them away from their dinner plans.

And as always the range of Maxtoch torches where up to the task, out in the rain all night lighting up the target rich environment. Whether it was the MPRO Archer pushing the distance, the M1 Archer lighting things up or the E3 Red-hot Headlamp doing the work in and around the ute.

Good Gear, Good night.

*Most humans can see the colour red while light towards the red end of the spectrum is naturally far less visible to animals.